Maintenance - support


Preventive or corrective maintenance to face all kinds of breakdowns, for both hardware and software.

  • Fast and flexible response to all kinds of breakdowns
  • Skilled team in different trademarks
  • Available a wide range of parts discontinued by the manufacturer

The main maintenance tasks performed by Teciman on three-dimensional machines are:

Checking of mechanical elements: Inspection and adjustment of the X-axis lateral guide, condition of the bearings, belts, counterweight cable and other mechanical elements of the equipment that may need to be adjusted and / or replaced.

Checking of attached elements to the electrical circuit (power, voltages...) and to the security system.

Checking of the pneumatic system (depending on the equipment). Checking of the condition of the circuit, the equipment gliding, air cleanliness and condition of the filters.

Computer environment verification of peripheral connections.

Leveling of the table or bench that affects the straightness on the X axis, in Y and Z directions and the angularities around the X and Y axis (pitch and roll).

Cleaning of the reading system. Checking and cleaning of the tape and adjustment of the encoders.

Review of the electronic regulation of the numerical command.

Review of the displacement of the equipment in the 3 axes, raceways and possible friction and / or wear.