We are a Partner and have extensive experience in using the main metrology software developers, Metrolog X4, TouchDMIS and Polyworks.

Metrolog X4

Metrolog X4 is a set of solutions 3D metrology, simulation and robotic inspection, compatible with Catia v5 and 3D measurement devices.  

Architecture optimized for working with large volumes of data that guarantees accurate and high-quality results.  

Intuitive interface, with advanced tools and offers the capability of simulation and robotic inspection.

metrolog metrology software teciman


TouchDMIS stands out for its Easy to use and his compatibility with a multitude of equipment, whether by probing or laser scanning. 

It allows you to program and execute complex measurements in a clear and functional way.  

It has a step-by-step guide and visual feedback in real time, which allows you to optimize measurement processes, reduce programming times and obtain reliable results.

Based on international standards.

TouchDMIS teciman metrology software


Polyworks is a 3D metrology solutions software that covers the complete product development cycle, from the design and prototyping of parts and tooling to the final inspection of assembled products. 

Versatile, offers solutions on all types of surfaces capable of connecting directly with the main brands and technologies of 3D measurement devices of individual points or point clouds. 

Advanced inspection capabilities enable you to identify and correct deviations, evaluate product quality, and make comparisons with CAD models.

polyworks metrology software teciman