Integrated Systems

Integrated systems are automated quality control inspection solutions for large series, large pieces, integration into the production line...

High repeatability comparison system


The Equator gauge allows the manufacturing process to be controlled using a comparison system of high repeatability, very versatile and reprogrammable for use in the workshop.

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Teciman Equator
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Automation and Robotics Unit

Téciman performs the complete integration into production lines, including all associated engineering: design and development, programming, installation and commissioning. 

In the integration process, the unit Automation and Robotics de Téciman takes care of absolutely everything: solving how to automatically power the system, designing and manufacturing the necessary tools, programming the PLC, robot and the Equator itself, and finally assembling and installing on the client's production line, with the corresponding tests and validations.

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Automated QC Inspection Solutions


Coordinate Measuring Machine 3D scanning key in hand, accurate and fast for online inspection. 

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CUBE R scanner teciman


A powerful robot mounted optical scanner that can be integrated into car projectsfactory tint. Fast, reliable, and versatile solution, maximizing the production cycle and performance

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