ENAC Calibration

Téciman is a calibration laboratory of MMC accredited by ENAC.

We give a Quick and competitive response. For any brand and model of three-dimensional machine: 
DEA, Brown&Sharpe, Mitutoyo, Leitz, Trimek, Mora, Micro 3D, Stiefelmayer, Tesa, Zeiss, Coord3, Poly, Hexagon… 

We offer a Multiannual Maintenance and Calibration Plan adapting to the client's needs.

What does it mean to be an ENAC accredited laboratory?

ENAC is the only body designated in Spain to accredit a laboratory

ENAC teciman accreditation

Laser Scanner Calibration

Téciman has the ability to calibrate the laser scanner mounted on a three-dimensional machine in just half a day and at the client's facilities (on site). 

This calibration compares the probing calibration results of the three-dimensional measuring machine with those of the laser scanner, to check their compatibility.

For this reason, an ENAC calibration of the Three-Dimensional Machine is previously carried out to ensure its uncertainties. From these and a calibrated standard, we obtain the uncertainties of the laser scanner.

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