Control Tools and Models

Collaboration between the areas of Project Engineering and 3D Metrology of Téciman allows us to offer a comprehensive service for tools and control models: design, manufacturing, geometry tuning, measurement, maintenance...

Design and manufacturing

We carry out the complete process, from design to manufacturing of the tooling or the control model.

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Tools are key tools in efficient and quality industrial production. Our team of specialized engineers works closely with our clients to design and develop customized tooling that optimizes manufacturing processes. 

We use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee the precision, reliability and durability of our tools.

Quality control mockups are an essential tool to validate designs in pre-series, and evaluate products in the series life phase.  

We offer mockup manufacturing services to verify that products meet the requirements demanded by the development process. Our meticulous approach and attention to small details allow us to create highly accurate and functional mockups.

Measurement and Maintenance

We carry out the measurement and he preventive and corrective maintenance of tools and quality control models with high precision equipment. 

We check its tolerances and adjust the tooling or control model to fine-tune its geometry, throughout its entire life cycle. If necessary, we repair defective parts or modify them for new requirements. 

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Our specialists in measurement They use cutting-edge technology to perform tool measurements and quality control models.

A good maintenance It is essential to ensure optimal performance and long life of tooling and models. We offer preventive and corrective maintenance services, designed to identify and solve problems before they affect quality and productivity. Our highly trained team can perform regular inspections, adjustments, repairs and reconditioning to keep your tooling in excellent condition and geometry.