At Téciman we integrate into the structure of our clients, providing the specific engineering capabilities required in each project. We have experience in:

Product Engineering

We collaborate in the design, development and optimization of new products. From conception to manufacturing. Using the most advanced technologies and the main software.

Process Engineering

We participate in the design, development, implementation and improvement of industrial processes, contributing to the efficiency, quality and profitability of these operations. We have extensive experience in PLC and Robotics programming.

Quality Engineering

We develop and implement quality plans to guarantee that products and processes meet the highest standards, both national and international. (ISO 9001, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing…).

Civil Engineering

We collaborate in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and civil works. We supervise and manage these projects taking into account economic, environmental, social and legal factors.


Teciman automotive sector


Our engineers participate in all stages of the development of vehicles and their components, from the prototyping phase to testing and development in series production. We collaborate with TIER1 and OEMS in the areas of:

Teciman railway sector


We have the ability to collaborate both in the design, development and testing of the prototype, as in the production and documentation of the same. We also provide our services regarding infrastructure and mobility:

Teciman aerospace sector


We support our clients in the design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft, aeronautical components, communication systems, satellites…. We are specialists in CAD Design and Simulation of the space sector.

Teciman defense sector


We have the ability to participate in the design, development and production of technologies and systems for security and military applications. We comply with the PECAL 2110 regulations and are registered in the DGAM Companies Registry

Teciman energy sector


Our engineers collaborate in the project management, execution and maintenance of wind farms, photovoltaic plants... We have extensive experience in the field of renewable energy as well as conventional energy (hydroelectric, nuclear, natural gas...).

Teciman industrial sector


We collaborate during all engineering phases; from the complete development of prototypes, until later industrialization, quality management and certification.