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Delineation of the bridge and the reinforcements in the rehabilitation of the Irún international bridge

Management of the Technical Office, Quality and Environment in the construction of a high-speed superstructure

Design of secondary elements of an offshore wind turbine platform, such as the access ladder to the tower, handrail, auxiliary safety elements...

Mass control or float off calculations with Solid Works, to check the buoyancy of a wind turbine ballast tank

Programming with PCDMIS of the machining of a wind turbine to control the critical dimensions of a highly complex part

3D measurement with Laser Tracker to ensure the dimensions of an offshore wind turbine for the North Sea

PolyWorks programming of different wind turbine gearbox parts

TouchDMIS programming of different antenna structural parts

Metrolog X4 programming of different B&W sheet metal parts for automotive

MCosmos programming of different aluminum casting and automotive machining parts

Zeiss Eclipse 700 retrofit 7.7.6 CNC: Motorized replacement New reading gunnels Pantec electronic installation and Metrolog x4 software

ENAC calibration, preventive and corrective maintenance of different Coordinate Measuring Machines in Morocco, for automotive clients