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Téciman collaborates in the construction of the largest water purification plant in Spain

Téciman collaborates in the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Palma de Mallorca, providing Quality, Environment and Technical Office capabilities, with the UTE formed to (...)

3D metrology: latest technologies at BIEMH 2024

Téciman visits its Partners at the BIEMH 2024 Fair where they present high-tech equipment and software available on the website As experts in 3D Metrology we collaborate (...)

We are looking for talent at the Employment 2024 fair of the University of Burgos

Téciman participates in the 2024 Job Fair of the University of Burgos, presenting more than 68 job offers. Our teammates and (...)

We collaborate in the rehabilitation of the international bridge in Irún

Téciman collaborates in the rehabilitation of the well-known international bridge that connects France and Spain, with a renowned construction company. The client delegates to our engineering team the functions of (...)

Comprehensive management of the internal Calibration Laboratory

Téciman carries out the comprehensive management of the internal calibration laboratory of a leading automotive company. Need: Calibration Laboratory The client requires to implement a Calibration Plan with (...)

Téciman collaborates in the “Achievements and Challenges” Congress of the Burgos Autism Association

Téciman collaborates in the International Congress "Achievements and Challenges" promoting the dissemination and knowledge of autism together with the Burgos Autism Association. The Asociation (...)

Reverse Engineering – process and applications

What is Reverse Engineering? Reverse engineering is the best solution when you need to replicate a part, but you do not have plans to do so. Is (...)

Evolution of Three-Dimensional Measuring Machines

Since the 1960s, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) have evolved enormously, going from simple mechanical devices to highly sophisticated systems. These tools (...)

Equator What is it and what advantages does it provide?

What is the Equator? Equator is a dimensional control system by comparison for the workshop. This caliber stands out for its ability to control the process (...)