Industrial Automation

After years leading a wide variety of engineering projects in different sectors, the Business Unit was born, dedicated to the development of automation and integration projects of industrial processes.

All our projects are based on industry 4.0, aimed at data management, simulation, IoT (internet of things) and different levels of integration, providing our clients with tools to manage their facilities in a close and friendly way.


Pewe personalize the control systems of our clients to improve productivity and efficiency in industrial environments, automating all types of processes.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies we can control and monitor industrial processes, using tools from leading brands such as Siemens, Rockwell, Omron, Schneider Electric…. Through our own developments, our engineers implement programs that guarantee optimal operation.

Can digitize any line phase and represent the most important variables of the process through visual tools such as HMI, SCADA Systems and DCS.

We design and implement industrial communication networks under different communication protocols such as Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CANOpen, EtherCat, MODBUS…

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Migration of Automation Systems

We update and optimize automata programs obsolete, making modifications to any type of automated systems, adapting them to the client's needs. 

When operating, we are as least invasive as possible, avoiding direct intervention in the facilities and processes that are in use. This allows the client to continue operating in their facilities while we develop the entire improvement and update process.

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Phase 1 - Non-invasive

Phase 2 - Invasive

Finally, we deliver the installation to the client, guaranteeing each of the improvements proposed in the project.


We offer comprehensive solutions for integration of industrial robots. From programming and component design, to simulation and maintenance.

Main lines:

We create functional mechanical and electrical components that meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of each project. We achieve products that are visually attractive and at the same time meet the demands of use and durability in industrial environments.

We program in a wide range of languages: RoboGuide, KRL, RAPID, C++, Python, ... being able to adapt each project to the client's specific needs.

We analyze the performance of robots and their application before their implementation using simulation tools such as Robot Studio or RoboDK. This allows us to identify and anticipate possible problems, to guarantee the efficiency of the systems.

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Specialized Maintenance

We execute plans maintenance and calibration of robots and automated installations that ensure its correct functioning. We manage to maximize efficiency and reduce times in production processes regardless of their application or sector.

We have tools for performing calibration and advanced diagnostics that make it possible to quickly identify any deviation.

We offer services software and hardware update to ensure systems can keep pace with technological advances.

We have the ability to offer the SAT service for automation and robotics. This way the client can focus on their core business.

Specialized Maintenance Industrial Automation