Consulting and Training


Our team of expert metrologists provides consulting services by providing a High value added. Helps solve special situations that arise in the development of new projects by selecting the most effective equipment or measurement plan for each case.

We work collaboratively with your team to understand your business objectives and develop custom measurement solutions.

We help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality of their products.

teciman metrology services consulting


After more than 30 years of experience, we are experts in all types of measurements, so we offer tailored consulting services.

We create personalized and optimized programs to guarantee efficient measurements, adapting to customer requirements.

We evaluate and optimize the performance of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), offering advice on calibration, selection of appropriate accessories and programming.

We adapt templates to the specific needs and requirements of our clients to reflect their quality and professionalism.

We have extensive experience in the quality criteria of manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes, PSA, Renault... We guarantee that Measurement Plans meet the standards required in the industry.

We offer statistical control services to monitor and improve measurement processes. We configure and customize the software providing a real-time view of measurement variability and performance.

We advise on the implementation of new measurement software, integration of latest generation machines, measurement of new parts and adjustment of procedures.

3D Consulting

We analyze current processes, identify areas for improvement and recommend the best measurement solutions.

We work closely with our customers to ensure a seamless integration and minimize downtime. 

We identify areas for improvement, implement best practices and provide recommendations to maximize results.

Continuous support and maintenance of 3D measurement solutions, also after implementations, ensuring optimal performance in the long term.



We provide training courses personalized to help our clients adapt to the latest technologies and techniques existing on the market.

We also collaborate in the staff transition and adaptation to new three-dimensional machines, software changes, new techniques or during the development of metrology equipment.

We cover from basic programming to advanced techniques measurement and data analysis, through practical exercises and real cases.

teciman metrology training


Our experts teach how to effectively use 3D measurement tools, ensuring the maximum return is obtained from our clients' technology investments.

We adapt to the software and machines our clients use, aligning the content and focus of training to specific needs and challenges.

Our courses are designed to familiarize participants with the unique capabilities and functionalities of each software. 

With the objective of Make the most of these tools in your measurement, quality control and reporting processes.

Each client has specific needs, so we work directly with their own parts to provide customized solutions.  

We guarantee reliable results adapted to the needs of each client.

We are looking for metrologists!

We offer a project in full growth, a dynamic and competent environment in which you can develop professionally.