MMC Coord3

Téciman, as COORD3 partner, has a wide catalog of three-dimensional measuring machines of all sizes.

COORD3 is a world leading manufacturer of coordinate measuring machines. Since its foundation in 1973, it has installed more than 3,000 machines around the world. 

The product portfolio offered covers the entire range of options, from economical solutions for small parts to the largest on the market, gantry-type CMMs.


Bridge machines

BENCHMARK 06.05.05

Compact all-in-one CMM, complete with SW TOUCHDMIS for the metrology laboratory and shop floor measurement.
Measurement Volume (mm): 600 x 500 x 500
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 2.7 + 3L/1000


High-performance dimensional inspection for a wide range of metrology applications.
Measurement Volume: xx.07.05 – xx.07.07
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 2.1 + 3L/1000


Bridge CMM for measuring large pieces without the need for special foundations.
Measurement Volume: xx.13.10 – xx.20.15
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 2.5 + 3.5L/1000


Latest generation MMC. For point-to-point measurements or contact scanning or laser scanning.
Measurement Volume: xx.07.07 – xx.15.13
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 1.9 + 3L/1000

Arm machines


Cost-optimized CMM for inspection of thin components typically used in automotive. Anchoring to the ground.
Measurement Volume: X.10.12 – X.15.20
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 10 + 15L/1000


MMC for large and heavy pieces. Modular and easy to configure.
Measurement Volume: X.12.15 – X.15.20
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 12 + 18L/1000


Specially designed for direct use in production areas. Encapsulated to guarantee thermal insulation. One or two arms.
Measurement Volume: X.14.20 – X.16.30
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 14 + 14L/1000

Gantry Machines


Innovative mechanical design with assurance of long-term metrological precision.
Measurement Volume: X.20.10 – X.25.18
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 4.3 + 4L/1000


Excellent structural stability and flexibility. Medium-large piece sizes.
Measurement Volume: X.20.20 – X.30.25
Accuracy (*): MPEE from 6.0 + 7L/1000


MMC for large scale industrial metrology applications. Especially suitable for large pieces. Reduced structural distortion and excellent precision.
Measurement Volume: X.20.20 – X.30.25

Articulated arm


Articulated arm with 6 or 7 axes. With probe or scanner. Easy use and compatible with the main measurement software.
Vol. Measurement: 2.6m / 3.2m / 4.2m / 4.6m