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Metrology Laboratory

Our Metrology Laboratories are equipped with Coordinate Measuring Machines and probing or scanning systems of the latest generation capable of measuring any part and material that the client requires.

We have a team of experienced metrologists in measuring a wide variety of parts, assemblies, assemblies, molds, models, tools...  Composed of all types of materials (plastics, metal, sheet metal, composites, rubber...), different processes (injection, machining, forging, welding...) and sectors (aerospace, automotive, railway, energy, industrial...).

We also act as the calibration laboratory of our clients, maintaining the metrological traceability of your standards, since all our measuring machines are calibrated with ENAC accreditation.

Measurement services in our laboratory

We guarantee the quality of the tools, measuring its geometry, detecting wear or deformations, and carrying out the relevant maintenance.  

We also provide detailed measurement reports to help optimize tool manufacturing.

We ensure the precision of molds for the manufacture of high-quality products, measuring the shape, position and orientation of the molds and providing detailed reports.

We verify that the products meet the necessary specifications and tolerances, through:

  • Color map: verifies that the product is within tolerances, has a uniform finish and meets quality standards. Indicates by means of a faithful image where there is excess or lack of material. 
  • CAD Comparisons: Compares actual products with their original CAD designs to detect existing deviations. 
  • Measurement reports: documents and ensures the quality of products and processes, helping to guarantee their traceability and quality.

We maintain the precision and quality of the control models used in the mass production of parts, by measuring the geometry of the models and detecting any wear or deformation.

We automate the measurement of complex, high-precision parts through the programming of three-dimensional measuring machines, saving time and reducing possible errors.

We have the ability to measure your part with your own software: PCDMIS, Polyworks, TouchDMIS, MCOSMOS, Metrolog X4…

He 3D scanning It allows  control geometry exhaustively or generate a CAD from a pre-existing piece.

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Our Machines

In our technical centers Vizcaya, Burgos and Valladolid We have various Coordinate Measuring Machines (MMC).

At the Téciman Metrology Laboratory we have the capacity to measure parts of different dimensions and complexity; and we have a wide range of three-dimensional machines, including: 

Perfect for precise measurements of small volumes, with a rigid structure that guarantees greater stability and resistance.

It allows you to obtain complete 3D models of parts of different shapes and sizes, such as molds and mechanical parts.

Used to measure large and complex parts in industries such as aerospace and automotive.

It has an arm with a probe that makes it possible to measure from different angles and positions, improving maneuverability and measurement flexibility.

They generate 3D models of complex parts with irregular shapes. Used to measure, compare and detect deformations of parts in the automotive, aerospace and of mechanical engineering.

Measure large arrays of hard-to-reach systems with high precision. It uses a laser to measure the position and orientation of large parts in space in industries such as wind energy, construction and heavy machinery.

Also for the alignment and assembly of large structures, such as bridges and buildings.

They provide greater flexibility for measuring in hard-to-reach places due to their great mobility and adaptability to working conditions.

They make it possible to measure the piece from different angles and positions through probing and/or scanning.

They are suitable in sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, naval and energy industries.

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On Site

We offer a fast and flexible response, moving to the client's facilities our expert metrologists in a wide range of software such as PCDmis, Metrolog, PolyWorks, TouchDMIS, Calypso, Mcosmos, Calygo….

We handle all types of measurement equipment, such as Zeiss, Hexagon, Mitutoyo, Coord3, Wenzel, Stiefelmayer…and we have a wide variety of portable three-dimensional measurement equipment

This format significantly reduces downtime of the projects, making it possible to measure any part and tool, without having to move it for measurement.

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Our metrologists verify the precision of products and parts, checking that they are within tolerances and thus detecting possible defects.

We guarantee the operation of the system, the mechanical precision during assembly and adjustment in collaboration with the team.

We create 3D models for measurements and measurement reports. 

We use color maps to know where there is missing or excess material, we compare the 3D model with the original CAD and we carry out reverse engineering projects to generate the CAD from a stl model, among others.

Our metrologists precisely measure the shape and dimensions of molds so that they meet production specifications. 

We provide detailed reports.

Our technical team measures heavy machinery, cranes or structures wherever the equipment is located.

Our specialized equipment measures large areas, such as industrial warehouses, structures, production lines or ceilings. Regardless of the obstacles involved.

It allows you to improve the layout of the surface and facilitate the installation of new components on it.

Our portable measuring equipment

We have a wide variety of portable measuring equipment, which offers us a great versatility to adapt to the facilities and work teams of our clients. These are some of our machines:

Measure in any position and angle. It makes it possible to easily measure large and complex parts in the workplace through probing and/or scanning.

Perform measurements of large volumes and structures, with great precision and speed.

It is used to manufacture products, optimize processes, assembly measurements and alignment of parts and components.

Portable 3D scanner for measuring parts of all sizes and complexities. It generates highly precise results, helping the design and manufacturing of parts.

It has laser scanner technology to measure large spaces in detail, being able to view the measurement results instantly. 

YesIt is used in various sectors such as architecture, engineering, construction, public safety and product design.

Versatile equipment for topographic and construction measurements, equipped with a telescopic lens and a laser. In addition to an internal processor for calculation and data storage. 

Our technicians adapt to the means available to the client in their facilities. The objective is optimize the 3D measurement system of the client or cover work peaks and eventualities

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