3D Scanning

3D Digitization

3D scanning allows  control geometry exhaustively or generate a CAD from a pre-existing piece.

This technology is used from the scanning of small or large pieces, to the digitization of civil engineering buildings or even pieces of cultural heritage.

We scan the part or area to then create a polygonal model, which after being treated, can be used to make 3D prints of it, manufacturing, creating a virtual parts stock warehouse and dimensional quality control.

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Reverse Engineering

It is the best solution when We do not have a previous CAD or it is insufficient. 

Starting from the point cloud obtained by scanning, we create a polygonal model in “stl” format. This format includes the skin of the piece or surface. 

To generate the solid 3D model of the part (similar to one done using Solidworks, InventorCatia…) we support ourselves in the area of Téciman Design and Simulation. Using specific software, CAD modeling is carried out, obtaining 3D. This model can be modified and worked using any CAD/CAM software for subsequent manufacturing. 





The Building Information Modeling model allows us to manage the quality of the geometry of a building or ship in all its project phases, whether in its useful life or in the construction phase.

This system is based on the digitization and centralization of data and 3D CAD to improve the management of the building's geometry, better facing the changes that may occur in its structure.

By generating point clouds we can see how the different structural elements interact and preview the best solutions.

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Big Surfaces

We have the ability to scan a building, industrial warehouse either hall with all its complexity. We capture the color and point cloud and compare it against the CAD.  

Perfect for him sizing of new facilities in industrial warehouses, installation of new machinery, improvement of the layout of an industrial plant or simply to carry out a dimensional control of a building built or under construction.

It is also used in the measurement of large assemblies, systems or components, allowing their modeling or measurement.

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Heritage and Art

Through the scanning And later digitization we capture the geometry and colors of any piece of art or heritage. From a statuette to a complete building. 

With this technology we manage to carry out a timeless archive of the piece, ideal to have as a base prior to any restoration work. 

It is also possible to perform a scan in order to create virtual visits. 

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