3D Scanner

Non-Contact Measuring Equipment

Non-contact measurement systems for point cloud capture, using scanner, photogrammetry and artificial vision.

3D Scanning Teciman 1

HandySCAN 3D | BLACK Series

Metrology Grade Portable 3D Scanners

The HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series is the Fastest metrology grade portable 3D laser scanner on the market, and offers you the highest measurement speed and accuracy available. It is ideal for product development and quality control.

handy scan 3D teciman

MetraSCAN 3D

CMM-type optical 3D scanners with probing equipment

The most complete 3D scanners for metrology grade measurements on all materials. The MetraSCAN 3D is a powerful inspection solution that is insensitive to instabilities and harsh environments.

metrascan portable scanners metrology teciman

HandySCAN 3D | MAX Series

Metrology Grade Portable 3D Scanners

The HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series is the 3D scanner to use to measure large parts (up to 15 m) quickly and easily, providing metrological quality results in a matter of minutes. It is also designed to capture fine details in smaller areas with extraordinary quality.

handyscan max teciman

HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Series

Professional 3D laser scanners

Made in North America, this professional 3D scanner offers the perfect combination of high performance and a great price. Based on reliable and patented metrology grade 3D scanning technology.

portable handyscan 3d teciman


The professional portable 3D scanner

The Go!SCAN 3D enables an easier 3D scanning experience, generating fast and reliable measurements for all your design and prototyping needs. Effortlessly capture the 3D shape and color of any object.

portable goscan 3d teciman