Geometric Adjustment



Geometrical compensation - adjustment

Ajuste Geometrico - Teciman Metrologia 3D

The geometrical adjustment of a three-dimensional machine includes two phases:

  1. Mechanical adjustment: Makes the machine more stable over time and minimizes drift.
  2. Software adjustment: Correcting the compensation parameters in the matrix the optimal precision is achieved.

The machine must be mechanically adjusted prior to performing the software adjustment. Otherwise, the mismatches will increase and the parameters entered in the software setting will be wrong. This is especially noticeable on lateral type coordinate measuring machines.

Types of geometric adjustment available:

  • STANDARD: the 6 basic parameters that affect the machine geometry (positions and perpendicularities) are corrected. Option generally recommended.
  • COMPLETE: the 21/23 total parameters are corrected (positions, perpendicularities, linearities, rotations). Recommended option for machines that were not geometrically corrected for a long time, machines with very high accuracy or after relocating the equipment.

All adjustments are mechanical and / or by software with linearity and perpendicularity coefficients or up to 23 parameters; depending on the desired options.

On lateral or arm machines, a mechanical adjustment of the main bed or table is performed. The mechanical correction of the rectitude in the X, Y, Z axes and of the perpendicularities are necessary to achieve a good precision and therefore the best result in machine uncertainty.

If you have any questions about the adjustment option to hire, contact us to study your case and determine the type of necessary adjustment.

We also offer the possibility of performing a simplified calibration to know the overall state of the equipment before the geometric adjustment.