Consulting and Training




Metrolog x4 - Teciman Metrologia 3D

Our team of expert metrology technicians can provide the client with a high added value consulting service to solve special situations that may arise in new projects.

Optimize the time of your metrology department with our consulting service. We can perform the special tasks that your team is not used to.

  • Special measurements
  • Advanced programming with  Metrolog X4, PCDMIS, Polyworks, TouchDMIS, MCosmos, Calypso, ...
  • Optimization of CMM use
  • Creation of report templates
  • Definition of Measurement Plan acording to requirements of VW, Mercedes, PSA, Renault, ...
  • Statistics with PiWeb, Kapture, Q-DAS, ...
  • Adaptation to new software, machines, parts or procedures, etc.

Our team of expert metrology technicians regularly work performing special metrological services with different types of software, machines and all industries and customers.


Our experienced team of metrologists can provide the necessary training due to the acquisition of a new three-dimensional machine, a software change, upgrade or the development of your metrology team:

  • Customized for each client: PCDMIS, Metrolog XG / X4, Polyworks, CAPPS, Modus, G&DT, TouchDMIS ...
  • We transmit our know-how to the client.
  • Based on customer's own parts rather than demo parts.