3D Metrology


Metrología 3D

Our 3D metrology team is trained to perform the installation, maintenance - support, geometrical compensation – adjustment, and calibration of three-dimensional machines.

In addition, we have at disposal a full range of measurement devices and skilled metrology technicians in several measurement technologies (Metrolog, Polyworks, PCDMIS, Cosmos, TouchDMIS, ...) and systems (contact or contactless) used in different industries.

Cómo trabajamos

Cómo trabajamos

Más de 30 años de experiencia y capacidad de adaptación colaborando con nuestros clientes en todo el ciclo de vida de sus proyectos



Ofrecemos soluciones adaptadas a las necesidades y características específicas de los clientes.



El conocimiento y la experiencia adquiridos nos permiten garantizar un servicio rápido y eficiente.



Prestamos servicios de medición tridimensional en nuestras instalaciones o en las del cliente, desplazándonos con equipos portátiles de alta precisión.



Optimizamos el desempeño de las personas que intervienen en los procesos de medición.

Sistemas de Medición 3D

3D Measuring Systems

Téciman sells different products in the field of three-dimensional metrology.

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  • Integrated Systems
    • Automated 3D inspection solutions for large series, big parts, integration on the production chain, etc.
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  • Measuring Software
    • For your three-dimensional machines; different capacities, options and applications.
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Kronos Render - Téciman metrologia
Mantenimiento y Calibraciones MMC

Maintenance and CMM Calibration

We offer a comprehensive service for the maintenance, adjustment and calibration of three-dimensional machines, supporting the wide majority of trademarks.

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  • Laser Scanner Calibration
    • Téciman has the capability to calibrate the laser scanner mounted on a 3D machine in as little as half a day at the customer's premises (on site).
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  • Maintenance
    • Preventive or corrective maintenance for all kinds of breakdowns: hardware and software.
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  • ENAC Calibration no. 249/LC10.211
    • Téciman is an ENAC accredited calibration laboratory to carry out calibrations of 3D measuring machines up to 35m volumetric diagonal.
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  • Retrofit / CMM Update
    • Updating of three-dimensional machines, giving them new life and increasing their productivity.
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  • Relocation
    • Dismantle, transfer and reassembly of three-dimensional machines anywhere in the world.
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Servicios Metrología

Metrology Services

We provide three-dimensional measurement services in our laboratory or in our clients’ facilities with portable high-precision equipment.

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  • Metrology Laboratory
    • We receive the elements to be measured in our metrology laboratory and carry out the required work.
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Escaneado 3D

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanning capability allows us to offer advanced services in the latest technologies.

Impresion 3D - Teciman metrologia 3D
  • 3D Digitalisation
    • The perfect solution when you want exhaustively to control the surface geometry. First step of the process to generate a CAD file based on a preexisting part.
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  • 3D Printing
    • Make complex and personalized pieces on demand in a short delivery time.
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  • Big Surfaces
    • Scanning and modeling of buildings, industrial plants or rooms, with all their complexity. As well as large assemblies or components.
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  • BIM
    • Management of the geometry quality of a building or warehouse in all its project phases.
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Utillajes y Maquetas

Tools and Models

  • Development and manufacturing: We carry out the entire process, from development to manufacturing of the tooling or the control model.
  • Conceptual Design -> Detailed Design -> CAD -> Construction -> Geometry adjust
  • Measurement and maintenance: Throughout the lifetime of the tool or control model we check its tolerances and repair and adjust its geometry.
  • Universal system: We sell Renishaw Fixing Kits. It has the advantage of being a universal fixing system, allowing significant savings in space and costs. It is also configurable for different types of parts.