Nowadays, the economy is very global and borders are becoming less and less relevant.

The development of the company Téciman International fits its name more and more with the expansion of its activity to the Czech, Slovakian, Croatian and Hungarian markets.

After having consolidated its presence on the Central European market with its Polish delegation (Téciman Polska), and the future opening of its german delegation, Téciman International announces a strategical business alliance with FinespaCZ, based in Prague (Czech Republic).

Finespa CZ is specialised in consulting for strategical business positioning and company internationalization. Thanks  to this collaboration, Téciman International will have access to a whole new market in Central Europe, establishing closer relationships with its clients, current and future, and their necesities.

Téciman International has more than 25 years of experience and in depth knowledge of the Development and Industrialization of new projects, in the fields of Metrology, from the programming to the measuring of any type of parts, as well as the maintenance, the calibration, the sale of CMM measuring systems. It also specialises in the Selection and Recruiting of technicians, engineers, and directors. It collaborates in fields as varied as automotive, aeronautics, defense, railways, … with renowned companies such as RENAULT, MERCEDES BENZ, NISSAN, GESTAMP, GRUPO ANTOLIN, LEAR, BENTELER, MATRICI , MAIER, MATZ ERREKA, VIZA, CIE AUTOMOTIVE, BATZ, MAXAM, GAMESA, TROQUENOR, ADRAL, ARALUCE, GRUPO DOVER, ALCOA, ACITURRI …

Here you will find more information about FinespaCZ: http://www.finespa.cz