We offer three-dimensional measuring services in our facilities or the ones of our clients, being able to move around with our high precision portable equipment.

We develop measuring services for geometrical control and for production systems verification.

  • Creation of ranges / offline measuring programs, with softwares such as Metrolog XG, PcDmis, Polyworks, Umess, Holos, Calypso, Inca 3D, Cadmio 7,…
  • Programming, integration, optimization of measuring ranges, 3D surveillance plan in the Project phase
  • On-site measuring with portable equipment, by our own means or those of the client
  • Result analysis, process control (SPC), capacity statistic studies and geometrical improvement proposals
  • Digitalization by optic sensor – 3D machine laser or on-site, with articulated arm or laser-tracker
  • Non-contact measuring sensors or white light, on all types of elements
  • Geometrical and surface measuring, CAD based inspection
  • Tomography – X ray, non-destructive analysis, internal and external inspection and measuring
  • Reverse engineering. Digitalization by point cloud, surface generation (STL, IGES) for elements, moulds…
  • Measuring, regulation and geometrical tuning of control models, fabrication tools, welding, assembling robot claws
  • Verification and inspection of large structures, machines and ensembles. Elaboration of the verification manual

Means and resorts available

  • Qualified and experimented team in different areas.
  • 3 3D measuring machines, of different precisions (from 0.0015mm) and averages (from 1.000mm to 14.000mm)
  • Available softwares: Metrolog XG, PcDmis, Polyworks, Umess, Holos, Calypso, Inca 3D, Modus, Cadmio 7,…
  • 4 articulated arms from 1.800mm to 3.600mm with laser optical sensor for digitalization
  • 3 laser-tracker up to 70m, with I-probe to measure hidden points
  • Measuring and digitalisation laser system
  • Tomography – X ray system.