Nowadays, when developping a new specific work or project, companies rely more and more on specialized services of outsourcing. It presents them with a wide range of advantages for the company.

Outsourcing responds to the idea of externalizing the activities that can be remote from the main focus of the company, linked to certain kinds of services like maintenance, engineering, logistics, consulting… Doing this allows the company to focus on its core-business, maximizing its cost effectiveness and saving up on operating costs. Many different kinds of services can be outsourced, from tooling design, provider follow ups, buy off, integration on facilities, pre production all the way to SoP (Start of Production), and the start of the life of a product.

Téciman International offers the company who request outsourcing services the support of highly specialised and experienced teams in their field of work, with a deep knowledge of the market and of the options available, with connections in the most important companies in the idustry and a lot of experience in other similar projects.

We offer the companies, as well as the technicians, our expertise in all the different sectors related to engineering. We are avowed for our values of flexibility, quickness and quality, and we are specialists in the selection of Technical, Engeneering and Directing profiles.

Our Networking is based on technical services on a national level (Spain), and we can extend our range of action and reach international grounds thanks to our various delegations in Central Europe.

In this short clip (in Spanish), Juan carlos Fuente, Head of the Project Engineering Departement, gives us a brief introduction of our services.