Acreditación ENAC - TECIMAN

Teciman is an ENAC accredited calibration laboratory for three-dimensional measuring machines MMC. The 6th September 2018, ENAC officially notified us that the Accreditation Committee had decided to award to Téciman International, S.L. the accreditation to operate as a calibration laboratory for measuring three-dimensional (3D) machines, with number n ° 249/LC10.211. The scope of our accreditation is available on the ENAC website. Here you have the link for those wishing to check:

This distinction as accredited calibration laboratory represents for Téciman a qualitative leap in the service that we have been offering for more than 20 years. Now the maintenance, repair and calibration of measuring three-dimensional (3D) machine, will be a comprehensive service for which we offer the highest quality and guarantee.

The accreditation terms can be found in the technical annex available on the ENAC website.

Thank you for trusting us.

The ENAC accreditation is the international tool used to generate confidence in the correct performance of a very specific type of activity called Conformity Assessment Activities, which include testing, calibration, inspection, certification and verification, among others. In general, any activity that assesses whether a product, service, system, installation, etc. conforms to certain requirements can be subject to accreditation. These requirements may be stipulated by law or be specified in standards, specifications or other documents of a non-regulated nature.
The value of conformity assessment activities depends largely on the credibility of the assessors performing them and the confidence that the market and the wider community places in them. To achieve this confidence and credibility, it is necessary to set up an independent, stringent and global mechanism that will assure the technical competence of these assessors and their compliance with international standards – and that is exactly what accreditation is. Source ENAC.