Retrofit / CMM Update



Retrofit / CMM Update


Téciman retrofits or updates any of the three-dimensional measurement machines on the market, both in hardware and software.

- Extend the lifetime of your coordinate measuring machine.
- Economic savings regarding the acquisition of a new CMM.
- Faster and more flexible delivery time.
- Improve measurement systems. Therefore increasing their productivity.
- Improve the precision and repeatability of the system, giving more security in the long term
- Possibility of adding all kinds of new probing sensor technologies, scanner, inspection accessories ... and thus optimize measurement processes.

Type of retrofits:
- From just software updates to complete rebuilding of machinery.
- Mechanical. Replace, modernize and adjust the mechanical and pneumatic elements, which are essential for the good geometry of the CMM.
- Complete rewiring of the three-dimensional machine. Substitution of the rules and reading probes.
- Review and adjust servomotors and DCC controllers.
- Update and enhance the scanning system, with continuous scanning and / or digitization technology.

We use electronics from Metrologic Group, Renishaw, Pantec...
We install Metrolog X4, Polyworks, TouchDmis, Modus... software.