In a world always more globalized, technological and competitive, knowing how to use recruiting tools and how to conduct and interview has become fundamental. The field is developping and changing every day, with new platforms, new tools, new tests, and a new way of looking for candidates, more modern and connected.

This upcoming October, in AIC in Boroa (Basque Country) will take place a training course for recruitment and selection. It will be organized by Téciman International, along with AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center). In Téciman we are specialists in selection and recruitment of Executives and Technicians. Our team, made of professionals in the area of HR, Engineering, Quality, etc, are conducting daily professional recruiting processes, guaranteeing to our clients candidates that best fit their needs. We are experts in the recruitment of Executives (Managers, Head of Project …) as well as technicians (Quality Engineers, Process – Product …).

This training will consist of a full day during which will take place various seminars on recruiting and headhunting “4.0”. We will review in detail the different tools available, like LinkedIn, InfoJobs, InfoEmpleo, and how to use them efficiently. The objective is to learn how to look for the candidates, rather than simply waiting for them to look for you. Moreover, we will be offering our expertise and experience in organizing and conducting interviews, be it face to face, or through Skype, WebEx, etc.

This training will take place in the headquarters of the Automotive Cluster in Boroa. As a partner of AIC, in Téciman International we have the objective of being a proactive ally, bringing our contribution to the development of companies in the automotive field. The training is aimed at Human Resources professionals, or anyone that dedicates parts or all of its work time doing selection processes, be it as a member of the automotive cluster, or not.

If you are interested and would like to attend, or if you simply want some more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!